7 Things Worth Doing in 2023

Looking to be more present in the new year? If your look back on 2022 wasn’t as fulfilling as you had hoped, fill this year with lasting memories, positive change, and growth.

Check out these 7 tips to get started and make 2023 your best year yet:


  1. Choose experiences.

    When you choose experiences over other things, you create memories. And with memories, you have something that only gets more precious with time, unlike, say, the latest smartphone. 


  1. Get out of your comfort zone.

    Nothing ever comes from staying comfortable. If growth, confidence, and more productivity aren’t convincing enough, how about increased focus, adaptability, and increasing your creativity? 


  1. See New Places.

    You don’t have to update your passport to explore new grounds. Whether it’s taking in a sporting event at that new stadium in your hometown or a quick weekend getaway to a quaint town, you’ll never run out of new things to discover. 

  1. Try new things.

    You’re never too old to find new passions. From pickleball to paintball, axe throwing, and skeet shooting to museum hopping and pottery making, you’ll never know what you might like unless you try. 

  1. Do something you love.

    What if the things you are passionate about became roads to growth and income? If you’re trapped in a job with limited growth or one that proves to be more stressful than anything else, consider a career change or side hustle to see what else you may like. And, if traveling is your passion, consider becoming a MyTravelVentures Brand Partner

  1. Immerse yourself in a new culture.

    Culture shock or culture immersion? It’s probably going to be both. There’s something about traveling that makes room for a deeper understanding and acceptance of other cultures. To get the full benefit, immerse yourself in the culture. By interacting with others, not just observing as a tourist, you can help minimize stereotypes, enhance your communication skills, and meet new people.  

  1. Learn a new language.

    If the thought of going back to school or adding another major milestone to your ever-growing to-do list has you overwhelmed, don’t worry. Learning a new language can be fun and is easier to get started than you think. From apps like Babble and Duo Lingo to online classes, you can start learning from the comfort of your home. 



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