Break Bad Vacation Habits Right Now

Do workcations work?

Do flexible work arrangements make you feel less free? According to experts, over half of the working adults in the U.S. agree that working remotely and working from home has made it more difficult to get unplugged from work AND when on vacation. Even though most Americans enjoy feeling unproductive during vacations, half still brought laptops and joined Zoom calls.


Here are 3 helpful tips.  

  1. Put a plan together.
    When you go on vacation, most people put a plan together … right? Put a plan together to save your side hustle for Monday morning or whenever you’re back from your vacation.

  2. Set boundaries.
    Eliminate “call or text me if you need anything.” Set some boundaries by having an autoresponder reply to emails, “I’ll get back to you upon my return.”

  3. Don’t waste any time!
    You’ve earned your vacation. Over half of the people on vacation feel guilty having co-workers covering work while they are out and 44% feel the need to apologize or make excuses. Give yourself permission to take the time off. You’ve earned this, and now it’s your time to relax! Whether you’re headed to the shore or you’re having a staycation near home, make sure that it’s guilt free. Being on vacation is always a good time for some self care. Remember the time is yours, so use it wisely.

Don’t leave any vacation days behind. 

With your hard work you’ve earned your vacation days and you need to take a break. Why collect time off and use it to go to your appointments? Seize the moment and take the time you need to get rid of anxious energy, take a deep breath and allow yourself to dream. Put a plan together through your MyTravelVentures membership, then enjoy the savings and the rewards that come. 

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