5 Tips for Traveling with Pets

Feel like a vacation isn’t the same without your pet? From pet-friendly hotels to animal-loving cities, here are our top tips for traveling with pets.   By now we’re accustomed to seeing pets in places they were once never allowed. From retail shops to grocery stores and even restaurants, it’s not uncommon to find both service […]

7 Tips for Traveling Solo

Wondering if traveling alone is worth it? Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, are ready to do something out of your comfort zone, or want to cross something off your bucket list this year, traveling solo can make for an unforgettable experience! Here’s what you should consider when planning your trip.      “Solo travel not only […]

Exchange Rates: What You Should Know When Traveling Abroad

The global economy never sleeps and neither do foreign exchange rates. Depending on the strength of the economy, your currency exchange will reflect inflation or deflation as well. So while you can’t change the supply or demand, there are things you can do to make your money go further.  While foreign currency rates may seem […]

8 Tips for Holiday Traveling

While the McCallister family in Home Alone took forgetting something valuable (like their eight-year-old son Kevin) to a whole new level, wouldn’t it be nice to remember everything, down to your toothbrush? Whether you’re headed back to your hometown to visit family or jetting off to Paris, we hope these travel tips make getting there […]

8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to Disney World and Living to Tell About It!

Ahhhh… Disney World, the happiest place on earth. As a HAPI company, we know a lot about happiness while traveling. So if you’re thinking about heading to Florida to get your dose of family fun, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to make sure your vacation is everything you imagined.      1. Don’t […]

Top 5 Mistakes When Taking a Long Flight

Just how long is long when it comes to flying? It most likely depends on who you ask. For some, it’s a 6-hour coast-to-coast trek across America. For others, it may be that transatlantic flight to destinations that seem worlds apart. Ask someone traveling with young children and it could be much shorter.  So, if […]

Checking Bags? Here are 10 Things Not to Check.

There are definitely benefits to checking your baggage at the airport. In addition to having more room for your stuff—and any purchases you make before your trip home, you also don’t have to worry about condensing all of your toiletry items and liquids to a quart-size bag. Checking bags also means one less thing to […]

Break Bad Vacation Habits Right Now

Do workcations work? Do flexible work arrangements make you feel less free? According to experts, over half of the working adults in the U.S. agree that working remotely and working from home has made it more difficult to get unplugged from work AND when on vacation. Even though most Americans enjoy feeling unproductive during vacations, […]