10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day that Don’t Need a Reservation!

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. If you’re in the mood to mix things up this year, these 10 ideas will help get you inspired! Best of all, you won’t even need a reservation.


1. Sign up for an on-demand cooking class.

Do a little prep work by getting all of the ingredients in advance, then have fun whipping up a new and exciting meal.


2. Take a weekend getaway.    

Vacations are perfect for disconnecting and recharging. However, quick getaways and weekend trips are special too.


3. Volunteer together. 

There is something about volunteering that makes us feel good about giving back. So why not find a cause you both believe in and help support those less fortunate?


4. Create a playlist for one another. 

Whether you choose songs from the year you met, special events, or just songs they love, it’s a fun way to mark the occasion.


5. Take in a broadway show, concert, or play. 

And don’t forget, you can save on many local events with your MyTravelVenture Membership!


6. Visit the museum.   

Make Valentine’s Day extra special by visiting the museum. Or even better, make it a weekend and visit a few. 


7. Book a HOT WEEK vacation.  

Don’t want to take the time to plan and research a vacation? With HOT WEEKS, you can find incredible vacations that you can book at specified weeks.


8. Make a travel board.  

If there are places you and your SO have dreamed about going together, why not create a travel board of places you want to visit this year?


9. Have a Parisian date night. 

We love this idea from Country Living that suggests creating your own special date night at home. Wine, crepés (or other fave French food), and music will help bring the French vibes home.


10. Do what moves you. 

Whether it’s staying in bed all day, binging your favorite romantic movies, scheduling a couples massage, or hosting a game night … why not spend the day doing your favorite things?



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