5 Tips for Traveling with Pets

Feel like a vacation isn’t the same without your pet? From pet-friendly hotels to animal-loving cities, here are our top tips for traveling with pets.  

By now we’re accustomed to seeing pets in places they were once never allowed. From retail shops to grocery stores and even restaurants, it’s not uncommon to find both service animals and non-service animals out and about with their owners. If you’re ready to hit the road—or air— with your pet, here are some tips for making sure it’s enjoyable for both you and your fur baby!


5 Tips for Traveling with Pets:


1. Prep for the Journey. 

Airborn? Along with making sure your animal is allowed on a plane, be sure you plan in advance for any additional documentation they may need, for instance, a pet passport. Then make sure you hit the Pet Relief Area at the airport prior to boarding. 

Hitting the road? If your animal isn’t used to road trips, take a few joy rides to ensure no extra measures need to be taken. A trip to the vet may be needed for recommendations to help reduce anxiety or help with motion sickness. 

Regardless of how you are traveling, make sure you keep your animal secured when making pit stops or in the airport. Even a well-trained dog can get spooked and jump out of the car when an opportunity is presented. 


2. Know Your Pets Limits. 

Is your dog a ferocious family protector or a frequent barker? Does your cat cough up a hairball at the site of kids? You might bypass the hotel room and opt for a villa or a more secluded location.


3. Have a Backup Plan. 

You know what they say about the best-laid plans. And, throwing a dog, cat, iguana, or whatever into the mix is another factor in things going not exactly as planned. So for example, if that so-called pet-friendly restaurant turns out to be an uncovered table on a patio and it’s raining/scorching/freezing outside, having a list of alternate places will help keep everyone from getting hangry. 

Traveling with a high-energy dog? Scouting out a few dog parks or pet-friendly trails can help everyone get a little fresh air.


4. Pack Like You’re Taking a Toddler. 

Food, bowls, medicines, treats, leash, crate, favorite toys, waste bags, towels, and cleanup supplies … make sure you plan accordingly. And if you’re traveling somewhere with different elements like lots of snow or frigid weather, you may need to invest in cold weather gear like boots.


5. Have an Emergency Plan. 

Of course, you don’t want to think about all of the things that could go wrong, this is your vacation after all! However, a little prep work from the get-go can help if an emergency should arise while you are away from home. Scout out ahead of time any vets or animal hospitals should the need arise. For cats and dogs, check that their collar is secure, tags, and microchips are updated. 



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