Creating Your Ultimate Travel Board

Whether you love to travel and are always planning your next trip, or can’t seem to narrow down that next new adventure, a travel board may be just what you need.

Similar to how a vision board keeps your dreams and aspiration top of mind, a travel board offers the same concept so you can stay focused on your goals. Best of all, travel boards are perfect for letting your creativity flow, diving into new cultures, and creating a fun work of art to display in your home. 


Ready to create? Just follow the prompts to get started. 

  1. Place.
    Determine a place you want to visit. If that already seems daunting, remember, you can have more than one! So have fun, dive in, and pick a place. 

  2. Physical vs. Digital.
    Decide whether you want this to be a physical or digital travel board. Either one is a great choice. 

  3. Uniqueness.
    Determine what makes this destination unique. There’s no wrong answer! Maybe it’s the proximity to breathtaking views, like the ocean, mountains, or forest. It could also be the area’s long-held traditions or historical landmarks.  

  4. Images.
    Cut out images from magazines, postcards, websites, maps, and more as visuals for your board. 

  5. Ideas.
    Add travel quotes and ideas, must-have excursions, or even foods you want to try while there. 



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