10 Fun Travel Tips & Hacks

We can always count on Reddit and other travel sites to serve up useful travel tips and hacks from those who have been there and done that!


1. Island Time Starts Now

Headed to the beach? Pack flip-flops, swimwear, and shorts in your carry-on bag so you can hit the pool or beach while waiting to check into your hotel. 

— Reddit


2. Pack For Transparency

Photo by: Ziploc

Organize items in your suitcase with large Ziploc bags. Finding things in your luggage just got a whole lot easier since you can see what’s inside.

— Reddit


3. Save Space. 

To save room in the quart-size bag needed for liquids, try using toothpaste tablets or shampoo bars instead of their liquid counterparts. You can also call your hotel to see what items may be complementary. 

— Reddit


4. If You Love It, Track It.

Photo by: Tile

Place a GPS tracker (Tile, Orbit, Airtag, etc.) on things like passports, backpacks, luggage, tablets, laptops, and more so that if they happen to get left behind (or grow feet and wander off) you can track their location. 

— Reddit


5. Always Know Where You’re At

Download the Google Maps area that you’re going to—before your trip so you can navigate accordingly even if you lose service.

— Reddit


6. When It’s Time to Sleep

Before going to sleep, keep the drapes together with the clips on pant hangers to prevent light leaks.

— Reddit


7. “M” stands for Mujeres (Women)

Headed to Mexico? If you see a door marked with an “M,” do NOT assume it’s the Men’s room. 

— Travel Lemming


8. Bring Reusable Water Tumblers

Photo by: Travel + Leisure

Not only will this save money in the long run during your travels, but it’s a great (and sustainable) way to stay hydrated. Just make sure they’re empty before going through security.


9. Please and Thank You

Research local customs (like tipping) and etiquette (like learning the local words for hello, please, and thank you).

— Reddit


10. Eating In.

Explore local food markets and grocery stores for tasty cost-effective meals.

— Reddit 



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