Tips for Time Traveling

Don’t worry, we’re not taking a dive into Einstein’s E=MC2 and there’s no need for a DeLorean. However, if you’re on an extra-long flight, chances are you’ll lose or gain some serious hours. And that’s where jet lag comes in, and it’s more than just getting extra sleep. Here are a couple of tips to help yourself adjust to your new time zone. 


1. Adjust your watch.

After you board the final plane to your destination, adjust the time on your watch to your destination’s local time. We love this tip from Travel + Leisure since it’s an easy way you can start acclimating to the time difference while airborne. Just wait until you’re actually on the plane so as not to miss your boarding call!


2. Take a shower.

Another tip for serious time changes is to take a hot or cold shower. If you’re tired and it’s daytime, a cold shower will give you a boost of energy. Likewise, if you’re awake and should be settling down for the night a warm shower can help you relax.


3. Seek Light.

When your exposure to light changes, your internal clock is interrupted. To help offset jet lag when traveling across time zones, Healthline suggests, seeking sunshine during the day so that it can help wake up your body and slow the release of melatonin hormones that make you sleepy.


4. Download an App.

These days there’s an app for everything including jet lag. Whether you want simple tips to know when to sleep, seek light, or refrain from caffeine, choose an app like Timeshifter that also helps those who work night shifts. You can also try an app like app Uplift that relies on biorhythmic acupressure to end jet lag by providing you with a 5-minute acupressure exercise to help you readjust to your new timezone.

Not all jet lag needs to be treated and goes away and many times goes away after a few days. If you’re able to give yourself some downtime when you arrive, you can better ease into your travel schedule. 



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